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Running your own fb Contests
Technically speaking Facebook doesn't allow you to run contests within Facebook itself. You have to use a 3rd party service to supply and host the service, and you also need to comply with Facebook's rules.

We've got you covered!
We have a few methods to run contests. We've made them easy and we've already thought out the details for the retail jeweler.

Our first, and favorite method is designed for users of the Junior Jewelry CMS (v3 and v4). With this contest setup we'll create a dedicated page on your website for the contest. Through that page you will collect names and addresses for your in-house marketing list while at the same time building a fan base on your Facebook page.

We have an example contest here for you to look at and test out. Take it for a full spin and fill out all the forms to see how it works.

Other contest types.
If you don't have your very own Junior Jewelry CMS, or if you want to keep Facebook users on Facebook we can also create a dedicated tab for your Facebook Page.

Within that tab we will create a very similar looking contest like the example you show on this site. It has the same features to collect names and addresses for your in-house list while also building more fans on FB.

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