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Attracting More Likes
Likes, Fans, Friends, and Likers...

As fb evolved over time the terminology evolved with it. Friends and Fans were easy to understand but then one day the word "fan" disappeared and was replaced by the "Like" button.

So what are we now? "Likers?"

It doesn't matter actually.
The more engaging you are the more people will like you.

Ask them to comment or "Like" something and there engagement with you will appear in the News Feed of their friends. That news feed now shows as a "ticker" in the right side of the user's main screen, but it's only there for a few seconds.

The main News Feed is now filled with updates from selected friends, which means that right side ticker is your best chance of being seen.

As fb changes the way it works we're continually changing up our strategies as well. We'll help you create compelling enough status updates that users interact with and that peek the interest of their friends.

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