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The FB News Feed

Facebook constantly changes the rules of engagement. The most coveted marketing strategy on Facebook is to have your Business Page's message appear in someone's News Feed.

Many people have tried to study how the Facebook News Feed works. Reports say that your message only appears in someone feed is you have regular interactions with that person.

"Interaction" is the word we would use in the real world to refer to telephone calls or spending time with someone. In the online world we have various methods to share information, send instant messages, email someone, and a whole lot more. When it comes to online communications through social networks these interactions are referred to as "engagements."

Let's Get Engaged
It's not only about buying a ring, proposing, and getting married. If only it were that easy!

Constancy is important for maximum engagement on Facebook. Whatever you do you must be consistent with your posting schedule and how you engage your fans.

Once you put us to work for you we'll work up a schedule of updates that will appeal to a wide verity of fans, and keep them engaged regularly.

Our tactics include:
• Links to your website
• Educational snips
• Jewelry in the news
• Style trends
• Photos

It's not simply that we post this type of stuff for you, but rather what we say in each post, and more importantly, that we keep consistent.

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