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You FB Goal
Anyone can get your visitors to your website and anyone can get you the mass numbers of people to like your FB Page.

What's your goal?

The numbers do not matter. So what if you have 25,000 fans, it only matters if you engage them!

Facebook has made it more difficult for jewelers to simply create a Business Page and attract fans. They took away features from the News Feed, they took away direct messaging, and they changed many other features that made attracting new customers easy.

The new FB forces you to either engage your customers or pay for FB ads.

Let's get started...
Sorry to say FB fans will not come from thin air. You need a starting point, like a little snowball rolling down from Mt. Everest.

We suggest starting with your existing customer base. Ask every in-store customer or online buyer to become a fan of your Business Page. Next step is to engage those first few users.

Hold a few small initial contests to get some more fans, and then have a special FB Fan Event in your store where you award people for bring new customers.

Word will get out... eventually.

Your fan base will grow as you engage with different things like photos, events, daily posts, tidbits, videos, and contest.

Once you have the fans the tricky part is figuring out how to capitalize on them.

Grow, then Convert
So it's a two step process. You have to continually grow your fan base and then every once in a while offer them some special offer that only FB fans would be aware of.

Do not try to sell. FB is for gaining a positive reputation and brand building. FB is not designed for direct sales, you need a soft approach to create top of mine awareness for when the time is right.

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