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Easy Facebook eCommerce for Jewelers

Junior Jewelry CMS 3 and 4 both allow you to have many fancy Facebook landing pages and even a product catalog, but if you haven't yet taken the leap to our Jr CMS then here's another simple idea that will get you all set up with a product catalog on your Facebook Business Page.

Zibaba has been making waves--and you might have seen this recently--with it's easily set up eCommerce platform on Facebook and the monthly price is quite low considering they do all the work for you. All you have to do is post your products and ship them when they sell. Zibaba handles all the eCommerce aspects and send you the money.

Visit the Zibaba website to sign up directly with them.

  $19.99 monthly for 10 items
$29.99 monthly for 100 items
$49.99 monthly for unlimited

Live store examples of jewelers using the Zibaba system:

FB Product Catalog
View Yellow Emerald's Setup
FB Product Catalog
View EM Smith's Setup


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